Goshen Theater Drama Club – Covid Precautions

Goshen Theater Drama Club, Goshen, Indiana

The Health of the Community is Our First Priority

This is an uncertain time for our community. We prioritize the health and wellness of our community, students, and staff.

With that in mind, we will be providing an exciting virtual experience for our students. Here are some of the ways our new virtual program will differ from a live program.

  • We will distribute the texts, sheet music, scripts, art supplies, and resources via mail, curbside pickup, or home delivery.
  • We will have a Livestream where each instructor will teach the group lessons every day of drama club.
  • There will be daily music and dancing lessons, daily lessons or lectures, and daily tactile art project tutorials. Lessons will stay consistent with the current curriculum.
  • For the final week, the plan was that the students would put on a show on the GT stage. In the online format, we would switch to monologues or small scenes customized to each student, solo songs, or presentation of technical designs. Each student will present something on their own, and will also present the group songs/dance (if they are comfortable with that). We have a professional videographer on staff who will film the students individually (possibly at the Theater, or their home, or an outdoor location), and we will edit the video into a final showcase. Our initial conversations have yielded some incredible ideas.
  • Each student will have an option for some private online coaching and voice lessons with our instructors conducted via Zoom meeting.
The advantages here are many: If a parent wants to tune in live for each lesson with each instructor, that’s great! Students will get questions answered in real time, and will be able to have a real-time Drama Club experience at home. With the online format the parent can also log in whenever they would like and students can learn in their own time.

No matter what format, we here at the Goshen Theater Drama Club are working to bring the best arts education experience to our community. If you have questions please email amber@goshentheater.org.

Deadline for Registration is Friday, June 10

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