Revitalize and Inspire our Next Generation

The historic Goshen Theater is the heart of the city’s cultural center, and it is slated for significant updates! Currently, the intimate 700-seat historic auditorium, concessions area, Jefferson Bar, second-story offices and third-story ballroom accommodate multiple performance types as well as meeting spaces for special events.

The Toll of Time

From 1905 to 1986, the theater was the showpiece of Goshen’s entertainment and shopping district. The theater was forced to close in 1986. Over time, unaddressed issues reduced the facility into disrepair.

Work in Progress

In 2014, Goshen Theater, Inc. (GTI) purchased the facility and began working to reverse the effects of time and neglect. Thanks to local leaders and financial supporters, the building is now improved enough to host events and programming.

Those improvements include:

  • Fire escapes brought up to code
  • Interior sewer replacement
  • HVAC repairs
  • Refinished third-floor ballroom floor to protect kids’ feet as they are dancing
  • Created a dance studio on first floor for kids with limited mobility
  • Secured three-way liquor and restaurant license to expand concessions
  • Upgraded rigging above stage brought up to code
  • New screen and upgraded projector
A Work in Progress
The Next Act - Setting the Stage for Tomorrow

Phase 1: The Next Act

Much has been done –– but the real work is just beginning. In order to meet the community’s desire for increased arts programming and to make Goshen an even greater place to live, we must restore the Goshen Theater as the centerpiece of culture and entertainment.

Currently, the building’s condition poses limitations. It has no elevator, limited ADA accessibility, negligible patron space and few amenities for performers. Funding is needed to address high-priority repairs. Each day without a long-term solution is an opportunity lost for the community.

Community Vision

• Inspire children to find their passions and learn lifelong skills •
• Enhance Goshen’s vibrant and cultural programming •
• Provide a community gathering space •
• Create an event space for weddings, proms, quinceañeras, seminars and more •
• Attract visitors and corporate talent to the region •
• Amplify a sense of pride in our community •

Upcoming Events at the Theater