About Goshen Theater, Inc.

A Public-Private Partnership

Goshen Theater, Inc. (GTI) is a public-private partnership of community leaders acting to restore the Goshen Theater as the centerpiece of Goshen’s arts and music culture.

The group has successfully completed multiple studies and solicited millions of dollars in funding for renovations to the theater. In August 2020 GTI completed Phase 1 of renovations. 


Goshen Theater, Inc. serves the Elkhart County community as a premiere performance and event venue promoting the arts and community to people of all ages.


After being closed to the public for 30 years, Goshen Theater, Inc. initiated programming efforts in January 2016. The organization is working diligently to create programs and activities, engage new patrons and ultimately save this historic community theater.

I am excited about the possibilities of utilizing a renovated Goshen Theater to host Goshen College-related events. This project has the potential to provide another way for Goshen College to connect with all that is happening downtown, support local business and add opportunities for people to experience art.

Brian Mast, Executive Director, Goshen College Music Center