Current Renovations

Beginning in early June 2019, workers began gutting the theater lobby and two other storefronts to create a much bigger lobby. They also began demolition in the basement for the addition of modern restrooms and beginning excavating for an elevator shaft. The $4.2 million construction budget includes new plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems in the renovated areas and is scheduled to conclude by February 2020. This page is devoted to ongoing updates from the work.
Current renovations at The Goshen Theater

Marquee message: When you’re 112, you’ll need a facelift too.

Current renovations at The Goshen Theater

Excavation on Main Street to connect new theater plumbing to the 17’ foot deep sewer line.

Current renovations at The Goshen Theater
Demolition in the theater basement uncovered Goodyear (soles and heels) signs from a former shoe repair shop in the basement.

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