Help revitalize a downtown jewel and inspire our next generation

Currently, the theater is one of the largest unresolved projects in the city’s core. Its vast size wields an overwhelming influence on the downtown district as well as the Elkhart County community.

A restored Goshen Theater serves as a multiplier, bringing activity to the city center, enhancing the city’s creative vitality and securing Elkhart County’s reputation as a community that values culture.

A restored theater would

  • Inspire children to find their passions and learn lifelong skills
  • Enhance Goshen’s vibrant and cultural programming
  • Provide a community gathering space
  • Create an event space for weddings, proms, quinceañeras, seminars, and more
  • Attract visitors and corporate talent to the region
  • Amplify a sense of pride in our community

Upcoming Events at the Goshen Theater

Ana Popović

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Ana Popović
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From Dixie With Love
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216 South Main Street, Goshen, Indiana

The Goshen Theater is one of the most significant pieces of downtown Goshen’s revitalization. For over eighty years, the Goshen Theater was the showpiece of downtown Goshen’s entertainment and shopping district. Restoration of this key facility helps secure Goshen’s economic stability for over two hundred small businesses in our community. A renovated theater will also help position Downtown Goshen as a regional hub for arts and entertainment.

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